Seabass, Porgy, Taugog, Lobster and Crab Trap, 5/8 in Sq. Mesh, 38 in. by 25 in. by 20 in.

Buy 1 or more for $111.00 each
Buy 6 or more for $107.95 each
Oval Fish Trap, 38 in.y 25 in. by 20 in. for Seabass, Porgy, Taugog, Lobster and Crab. Mesh 5/8 in Sq.

Door opening: 6 in. by 5-3/8 in.

This Collapsible Trap allows fishermen to carry more traps per outing.

The stackable nature of the trap not only adds to a higher catch ability but also adds to the safety factor due to less bulk on deck.

These multipurpose traps are ideal for the commercial fisherman and the scientific and government testing and control groups.

The efficient cost combined with low labor and high fishing ability make multipurpose collapsible traps the next-generation for select fishermen. 7 lbs.


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lobster and fish trap
Aug 12, 2015  |  By mass
This is the best trap! It is light, it doesnt take much space and it catches lobster and fish in a few hours every time we set it. It works!

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Best Crab Traps Ever!
May 25, 2020  |  By Scott Price
Love the rebar that defies the currents allowing the trap to not travel. The mesh is strong, but will rot after a few seasons. Overall, this is a great item and my favorite to use.

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