Knotted Hoop Net, 4' Dia., 7 Fiberglass Hoops, #15, 2" Sq., 4" Str. Front & Back, Treated

Buy 1 or more for $269.21 each
Buy 3 or more for $255.75 each
This complete hoop net comes with 7 fiberglass hoops, is 16 ft. long and has a 2 in. sq. mesh between hoops 1 and 4 and a 2 in. sq. mesh from hoop 4 to the tail.
Netting is made of twine size No. 15.
The front hoop is 4 ft. in diameter.
Hand tapered finger size throats are placed on the second and fourth hoops.
Net is treated with black netcoat treatment.

The video below shows a different model of hoop net.