FilletMaker Cutting Board

Now you can keep your fish mess contained! This lightweight fish fillet board can be used anywhere on the go. Keep it in the kitchen or take it with you to the icehouse or on your next camping trip. Cleaning fish and cleaning up has never been so easy!

It does more than just clean fish. It is an excellent board for trimming venison, cleaning pheasants, cleaning waterfowl, cutting produce, canning, etc. The board flips over and can be used as a serving tray.

It's more than a cutting board, its a cleaning system that will improve your fish cleaning, canning, and game experience

The Clean Cut® cleaning station was originally designed to eliminate all of the hassles of cleaning fish. The portable roto-molded device drains away fish slime, gives you a place for fillets and fish carcasses and features a raised cleaning surface that gives you knife or electric knife ample clearance. But no need to stop at fish, use it for cutting up fruits and vegetables, slicing up your slow-cooked ribs or clean your pheasants and ducks after a successful day out hunting. And clean-up couldn't be easier!

CleanCut 32″

  • 32.25″ L, 24″ W, 3.25″ H - 8lbs
  • Raised fillet area: 22.5″ Wide, 10″ Deep

CleanCut 22″

  • 22.75″ L, 17.38″ W, 3.25″ H - 4lbs
  • Raised fillet area: 14″ Wide, 7.5″ Deep