About Us

Memphis Net & Twine was founded as a fish net company in 1962 and has been a source of fishing netting, fishing nets, rope, twine and fishing supplies ever since. Beginning in 1988 Memphis Net & Twine began supplying baseball batting cages, baseball backstops, sports backstops, sporting supplies and sporting equipment. Memphis Net & Twine continues to make all types of nets including custom nets for sports nets, industrial nets, aquaculture nets and commercial fishing nets.

Some of our products include:

Fish Nets, Seine Nets, Gill Nets, Trammel Nets, Cast Nets, Fish Netting, Trawls, Rope & Twine

Batting Cages, Backstops, Soccer Goals, Golf Backstops, Golf Backstops, Field Liners and Field Stripers, Bleachers, Fence Screens & Fencing