Rope, Twine & Netting

Rope, Twine & Netting

With a name like Memphis Net & Twine, we naturally carry a huge selection of net, twine and rope for all kinds of uses, from home and recreational use to commercial use.

Our site is the best place to buy twisted rope online, because we offer all types of twisted rope in materials like cotton, nylon, polyester and polyethylene. We also have several styles of braided rope, including, solid braided nylon and polyester, double braided nylon, diamond braided nylon, braided tree rope, nylon paracord and more.

The many types of rope we sell online include ropes of different diameters and lengths, so you can easily find the type of rope that's exactly what you need for any application -- whether you need it for tree trimming or hanging a hammock. And we sell rope measurers and cutters to help you get an even more precise fit while sealing the ends of synthetic rope to help it maintain its integrity.

If you're looking to buy twine online, we have many varieties of twine including white nylon, tarred nylon, green nylon, bonded or braided twine and more, in different sizes to fit your needs. Our tarred nylon is strand dipped and is the best in the business. It holds knots exceptionally well.

Memphis Net & Twine lives up to our name with the many products we offer and our unsurpassed industry expertise. Shop our huge selection of rope and twine today!