It's hard to have a garden if deer, birds or other animals are constantly eating or digging up the fruits (and vegetables, and flowers) of your labor! Memphis Net & Twine offers deer and bird netting that keeps your garden safe and protected so it has a chance to grow and thrive, as well as garden netting to support climbing plants. We offer deer netting in various sizes and quantities, as well as Deer Off spray and concentrate to safely deter deer, squirrels, rabbits and other animals from damaging your plants. These chemicals are weather-resistant, safe and all natural, and work by creating an odor and taste barrier. We also offer fence posts to use in creating deer fencing. Our crop netting can be used as a support for climbing plants, or as a barrier to keep larger birds away from your crops. It can be installed horizontally or vertically, and is resistant to chemical agents, bacteria and mold. Choose from garden netting in many different sizes to fit your garden plot, as well as trellis netting, multi-purpose netting, weed control fabric, garden staples and other netting products to help you manage your garden. Check out our bird netting, too. Whether you want to keep birds in -- as with our poultry fencing and aviary products -- or you want to keep them out of your fruit or pond, we offer many types of bird netting to help with your specific needs. Our knit poly netting is great for building aviaries to raise quail or pheasants. Hatcheries use the knit poly netting to keep birds out of their raceways and ponds. The knit poly netting will not rot or mildew. For all your garden netting needs, order from Memphis Net & Twine!