Fish Traps

Memphis Net & Twine carries plenty of fishing equipment, even for the serious sportsman! Our selection includes a wide range of fish traps to help capture many different types and sizes of fish. We offer several types of wooden catfish traps as well as an instructional DVD that can help you learn to use wood catfish traps if you're new to using them. We offer wooden catfish traps which can be used in your private pond in both round and square styles. We also offer round and square traps that have 1 ½" x 24" side openings. These traps are used by many commercial fishermen in Alabama, Arkansas and Tennessee. These traps are made from sturdy hardwood so they can last for years, and have a side door for easy access to the catfish you catch. We can help you catch much more than catfish. We offer collapsible wire fish traps in various styles that are designed to catch different species of fish. Shop our selection of collapsible traps, which are easy to transport, and you'll find traps for several kinds of fish, including eel, flounder, crawfish, turtles, crab, shrimp, minnows, seabass, lobster, porgy, tautog and more. Memphis Net & Twine offers sturdy, finely-crafted wire and wooden fish traps that can make it easy to trap many different types of fish. Place your order today and enjoy an easier way to catch fish!