In fish farming, proper aeration is the answer to many common challenges. A good water aerator can help keep the water cleaner, reduce stress on the fish, help with good breeding habits, reduce disease, and even contribute to fish growth rates. In short, increasing the amount of oxygen in the water through the use of a water aerator helps create a healthier environment for your fish. Memphis Net & Twine carries several models of water aerators for use in fish farming. We offer aerators from Kasco, Livewell, Otterbine and Power House. These water aerators come in ½ to 1 horsepower varieties and some are dual prop styles. And besides our larger aerators for your fish pond, we also offer Livewell aerated buckets, "Fish Saver" aerating pumps for 10-25 gallon containers, and shad tanks in 11-50 gallon sizes. Whether you need to increase the oxygen content of a whole pond or a pail of minnows, Memphis Net & Twine has the aerator products that can get the job done. Proper aeration can help keep your fish healthy, control disease, and alleviate many other problems of fish farming. Order your fish farming aerators online today from Memphis Net & Twine!