Wildlife Traps & Fish Traps

Memphis Net & Twine offers a variety of fish traps, crab traps, wildlife traps, and also snake and owl "scarecrows." So whether you are looking for traps to help control the wildlife on your property or you just want some good fresh catfish for your next fish fry, Memphis Net & Twine has the solutions to fit your needs. Our wildlife traps include sturdy traps to help capture everything from squirrels and mice to moles and gophers, raccoons, opossums, birds, turtles and more. Our metal cage traps for furbearing animals are high quality, easy to bait and set, and catch a wide variety of animals without causing injury, whether your problem is a woodchuck or a feral cat or dog. Our fish traps include traps for all kinds of fish, from tiny minnows to hefty catfish. We have an impressive selection of wooden catfish traps which are both round traps and square. We also sell an instructional DVD, "Catching Catfish with Wood Traps" to show you how it's done if you're just getting started. We offer many different crab traps and supplies, too, including eel, crab and finfish traps, crab nets, shrimp traps and more. Whatever you need to capture, Memphis Net & Twine has the wildlife traps and fish traps to get the job done. Place your order online today!