#30 Mono Netting, Sold by the Lb.

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Sold by the pound

Monofilament netting is made of a single clear strand of twine. Our Monofilament netting is double knotted, double selvage top and bottom and depth stretched. Mesh size under 1 in. square will be single knot. Our Mono is clear with a purplish tint.

Priced by the pound.

# 30 Mono  .90 mm Diameter

Stock No. Mesh Size Depth Stretched Yards per lb.
Square Stretch Mesh Feet
738 4" 8" 20 12 12
739 4-1/4" 8-1/2" 19 12 13

When ordering nets or nettings, be sure they are the mesh you need: Square measure is one-half of stretch measure. Both square and stretched measurements in our catalog are based on standard method of measurement - from center of knot to center of knot.

Diamond_Mesh_Measure Double_Knot