Bait Scoop, Nylon, #420G, 1-3/4 in. stretch, Green

The mesh size is 1-3/4 in. stretched designed to catch shrimp, crab, shad. Features four bridle lines and a 35 ft. tow line.
Use this Green Nylon Bait Scoop to fish from a boat, along a bank, from a bridge or below a dam or spillway. It has a front lip to prevent swim outs and is made of #420G netting.


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3' Circle Bait Net
Jul 6, 2015  |  By Jeff Mills
Didn't catch any Fish but that probably wasn't the nets fault! I did not receive any directions for use as was mentioned in the catalog. Since this was my first experience with this style of net it would have been helpful to have. The net is well built and worth the money. Just hope I will eventually get some bait or shrimp in it!
Owner Response: Jeff, We emailed the instructions to you. We apologize for leaving them out. Good Luck Fishing.

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