Baseball Batting Cages - Clearance

Baseball Batting Cages - Clearance

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Premium Weather-Treated Baseball Batting Cages

Our custom-made batting cages come in various sizes and weights and are designed to accommodate every budget and program. They are made of nylon netting dyed black and Bonded. Every edge of the cage, top and bottom, is bound by a 5/16 in. twisted poly rope plus a rope is run down the top center for extra support. Three, 2 in. rings are tied at the top of each end. Both ends of the cages are closed. Posts or frames for installation are not included.Rope bordered with four 2-inch rings. Nylon netting is dyed black and bonded for protective weather treatment.

Prebuilt and ready to ship today! 

  • #21 Treated STANDARD netting is .065 in diameter and has 200 lb. Twine test.
  • #30 Treated HEAVY DUTY netting is .078 in diameter and has 280 lb. Twine test.
  • #36 Treated PROFESSIONAL netting is .085 in diameter and has 320 lb. Twine test.
  • #42 Treated PREMIUM netting is .092 in diameter and has 385 lb. Twine test.
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