Chumash Lacrosse Goal

The Chumash Goal comes with everything you need to put your Chumash Goal together.
Chumash is an exciting variation for Lacrosse. This 3-on-3 game is fast and fun. It's perfect for teaching the fundamentals of movement, catching, throwing and stick skills in game situations. You don't need a huge field or a whole team to play.

No screws, sawing or trips to the hardware store. You can be playing within 20 minutes from the time you receive your goal.

Note: The length of the Goal Posts causes the Chumash Goal to ship as an oversize item. The Complete Chumash Goal ships in a box that is 70" long x 16" wide x 4" deep. Ships in one box.

  • Base with goal supports
  • Two 90 degree PVC Angles
  • One PVC Connector section
  • Two Goal Posts, 3" inside diameter
  • One Chumash Net, #36 netting


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Pretty Good - Keep A Screw Gun Handy
Aug 9, 2020  |  By Ted Rusch
Fully assembled Chumash goals are hard to find and this one isn't bad. My only complaint is that the screws holding the PVC receiver (that the goal sides sit in) pulled out of the Base as soon as I took the goal out of the box. I screwed them back in and took to our leagues play day - where they pulled out again. Thankfully I brought a screw gun and could fix it quickly. Also, the goal tips easily. We played with 5th-7th graders with swaxlax balls and any shot that his the pipes would knock the goal over. I think cutting another 1/2 sheet of plywood to double the base would fix both problems.

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