Deer Fence Kit with 7 ft x 100 ft netting

Includes: 7' x 100' Black Deer Net, 10 Adjustable Poles, 20 Sod Staples, and 50 Small Green Ties
Mesh size: .63" x .75"

Everything you need to protect your trees, shrubs and property from deer and other predators in one convenient package. Easy to install seasonal protection to be used around vegetable gardens or yards. The tight mesh openings allow for superior strength and performance over other loose mesh deer fencing. The Tenax Deer Fence Kit comes with adjustable poles, ties and sod staples for an easy, quick and no hassle installation.

  • Lightweight - easy to carry
  • UV stabilized - long lasting
  • Reusable and recyclable
  • Won't rust, rot or corrode