Fittings, Galvanized, 4-Way X

Use these fittings to build frames for shade cloth, bird netting, tarps, etc. The 3/4 in. steel conduit is readily available at home centers for about $2.00 per 10 ft. length.


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The whole net and caboodle
Nov 16, 2022  |  By James Nooney
I purchased a 10x10x30 net and all the galvanized connectors to make it work. I just want to say it was great working with Memphisnet. The quality of the net is fantastic. I think it will last a really long time. It's definitely helping me find my swing again after a 7 plus year layoff. It's like a mini batting cage in the net. Shank proof. Definitely a few of those, shank you very much.

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