Holding Box

Memphis Net & Twine offers custom made nylon mesh holding boxes using your choice of mesh netting and mesh size. Custom nylon holding boxes are 4' H x 4' W with your custom length. The nylon box has 4 seamed sides and a bottom seam with a braided nylon rope top border using 500 lb. test nylon rope.

Our custom made holding boxes made of nylon are popular for storing and separating live fish.

A holding box is a rectangular net shaped similarly to a shoebox without a top or lid. A frame is attached to the holding boxes and they are dropped into the water. This container is ideal for holding fish prior to shipping, during spawning, or any time fish must be separated.

This product is made using formaldehyde. The state of California indicates it can cause cancer, birth defects, and/or reproductive harm. For more information go to www.P65warnings.ca.gov

Stock # Netting Sq. Mesh
NHB1 Ace 1/8"
NHB2 Ace 3/16"
NHB3 Ace 1/4"
NHB4 Delta 1/8"
NHB5 Delta 3/16"
NHB6 Delta 1/4"
NHB14 Delta 3/8"
NHB13 H. Delta 1/8"
NHB7 H. Delta 1/4"
NHB12 H. Delta 1/2"
NHB8 #126 3/8"
NHB9 #126 1/2"
NHB10 #9 1/2"
NHB11 #9 1"


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It will take some adjustments since its just netting
Mar 9, 2022  |  By Alan Brown
It will take some adjustments since its just netting and no supports at all. I plan to add some floats to hold it up but without a top, snakes will get into the net and kill all the bait.
Owner Response: Most customers put a frame together using PVC pipes. This will help the netting hold its shape.

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