Knotted Hoop Net, 7 Fiberglass Hoops, Treated - 2 ft. dia., 10 ft. long

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This complete hoop net comes with 7 fiberglass hoops. Select your Front Mesh size between hoops 1 and 4 and your Back Mesh size from hoop 4 to the tail. Hand tapered finger size throats are placed on the second and fourth hoops. Net is treated with black netcoat treatment.

For Replacement Net Webbing see KNOTTED WEB ONLY FOR HOOP NET

Diameter of Front Hoop Length of Net SquareMesh Size Web Twine Size Web Only (Untreated) Nets on 7 Fiberglass Hoops
Front Back Stock # Net #
2' 10' 1 in. 1 in. 15 X1W X1F
2' 10' 1-1/8 in. 1-1/8 in. 15 X1AW X1AF
2' 10' 1-1/2 in. 1-1/2 in. 15 X2W X2F