Mono Cast Net, .35mm, 5/8" Sq., 1-1/4" Str.

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Great for menhaden. Made with .35mm monofilament line and a mesh size of 5/8" Sq., 1-1/4" Str. It sinks fast with 1 lb. of plastic coated steel weight per radial foot.
This Champion monofilament cast net comes in a variety of sizes with a 5/8 in. sq. mesh. Features include heavy monofilament brail lines with separator, heavy duty 10/0 swivel, white

Our Champion series of Cast Nets are extremely popular, having been continuously improved over many years. All Champion models feature panel construction and heavy duty components.


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Jul 27, 2021  |  By Donald R. Smith
Unfortunately I was unable to field test the item mentioned as it was not available, When I inquired about shipment a couple of weeks later, the gentleman explained that the items were not in inventory, but would however contact me once they became available. hopefully, I will get that call before september when our shrimp season begins. thanks in advance, drs

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