Mono Cast Net, .52mm, 1" Sq., 2" Str.

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Great for mullet and salmon. Made with .52mm monofilament line, sinks fast with 1 lb. of plastic coated steel weight per radial foot.
This Champion monofilament cast net has a 6 ft. radius, 1 in. sq. mesh. Features include heavy monofilament brail lines with separator, heavy duty 10/0 swivel, white

Our Champion series of Cast Nets are extremely popular, having been continously improved over many years. All Champion models feature panel construction and heavy duty components.

Comes packed in vinyl bag, complete with instructions on use and throwing.


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Circumference does not Match Radius
Jan 3, 2022  |  By Doris Taylor
I purchased this net 8 years ago. I have the receipt showing the exact description and model number is this net CN36 MONO CAST NET, MULLET/SALMON, .52MM, 10' RADIUS X 1" SQ., 2" STR. - I purchased this net for my husband and we have owned two more nets from other net makers since, but still use this one from time to time, though it has never worked well. So recently we have been working on replacing the lead line because it has deteriorated. We are also replacing the brail lines and throughout the process the math has just not been working out. We finally realized by doing the math over and over down to counting the actual 1" mesh at the lead line, that the circumference/lead line is congruent with an 8' net while the radius is definitely at 10'. This means that the lead line is short by 9' to be a fully functioning 10' net. This explains why this net has been a problem since day one. It has never fully deployed/pancaked. The drawing used to sell this net looks like a panel made net, but in person it appears to be a skirt net. It's bulky in the hands, making it tricky to throw. The lead line is made with coated steel, which does split and rust over time. Mostly we are saddened after all this time to discover that we purchased a net that was not made to work as a 10' net. I do not recommend this net. At least find a way to see this net in person and understand the basic measurements that make a net work and fully deploy before making a decision.

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