Non-Elevated Bleachers

These bleachers have a chainlink guardrail across the back and down each side to row three. There is a 1 in. by 6 in. riser plank on row four and above with a 2 in. by 10 in. riser plank on the top row. Unlike the standard series, the preferred bleachers have double foot planks on every row. The first row seat height is 17 in. with an 8 in rise for each row. Assembly required.

Standard Models

Our “Standard” non-elevated aluminum bleachers provide an affordable system for all your basic bleacher needs.   All “Standard” bleachers include 2"x10” anodized seat plank, single (1) 2"x10”  mill finish foot planks on rows 2-3 and double (2) 2"x10”  foot planks and riser plank on rows 4 and above.\

Preferred Models

Our “Preferred” non-elevated aluminum bleachers are an upgrade from our “Standard” model that include anodized seat plank, double (2) 2"x10” mill finish foot planks on all rows and riser plank on rows 4 and above.