Pickleball Heavy Duty Court Tape

This is a great option for those who want something a little sturdier than the original court tape. One roll of this tape measures two hundred feet. This is the perfect length to tape out all the lines for one entire pickleball court, including the kitchen.
This tape has an extremely resilient polyethylene, vibrant orange backing. This color was chosen specifically for its noticeable hue. It will easily attach to the court thanks to the single-coated, synthetic rubber adhesive. It can stick to most every surface.

This tape might leave residue when it's removed, so as with any bonding agent, we suggest testing this product on a small patch of surface prior to application to determine ease of removal.


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Pickleball Heavy Duty Court Tape
May 23, 2021  |  By RIZAL BAYANI MINON
professional service but the tape didn't last as long i thought it would. 5 stars for Memphis net and twine, 2 stars for the tape. the tape was easy to apply but started lifting after a couple of weeks of northern arizona weather even after daily rubbing with a hard paint roller. got 2 rolls, will use the other soon but will get this particular tape again. overall stars=3.

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