Pickleball Tournament Set, Champion PolyPro

The Champion PolyPro Tournament Set is filled with enduring equipment that's been proven to satisfy countless picklers, from beginners to advanced. You'll receive four Champion PolyPro Paddles, four Dura Pickleballs and a 3.0 Net System. The Champion PolyPro Paddles have a pleasant, balanced weight with a shock-dampening polymer core which makes it easier to direct pickleballs during play.

The Champion PolyPro Set includes Dura Pickleballs, which are the most commonly used ball in official tournaments. They have a seamless design and come in a bright yellow color that makes them stand out against any background. The 3.0 Net System has a steel construction and stands at regulation height when put together via the simple slide-together system.

The Champion PolyPro Set offers wonderful value for the price and makes it simple to play pickleball as often as you like. Temporarily out of stock.