Pickleball Tournament Set, Diller

The Diller 3.0 Tournament Set gives you every vital piece of equipment needed to play pickleball. This set is great for recreation centers, schools, or pickleball-loving groups.
The top-notch portable net system is lightweight and sets up in less than eight minutes. The net system has extra-wide steel framing which increases stability and longevity. The adjustable-height net is made of black mesh and has white mesh lining around the sides, top and middle. It has a buckle system that increases or decreases the tension of the net.

This set comes with four Diller Wood Pickleball Paddles. The extremely durable wood paddles are cut from high-quality, seven-layer plywood and then finished with a clear coat finish. These paddles weigh 9.0 to 10.6 ounces. The grip is medium size and has a length of 5-1/2". Each paddle has a length of 15-1/2" and a width of 7".

The set includes four Jugs neon green pickleballs and a highly-durable carrying case with handles made of nylon.