Wind-Weighted Tarps, 10' X 10', 18 Oz.

Wind-Weighted® Covers

They stay put in high winds without stakes or sandbags.

Chain in the entire perimeter keeps wind from getting under, so they do not move or blow away. Remarkably, Wind Weighted Tarps have encountered hurricane force winds and did not move from the mound and home plate.

Vinyl Covering: 18oz./sq. yd. fully COATED vinyl on base fabric scrim of 1,000 denier x 1,300 denier polyester. Fabric meets following tests: Tear Strength Tests: Warp 100 lbs., Fill 100 lbs., Grab Tensile Strength: Warp 410 lbs., Fill 410 lbs., Weft Insertion: 18 x 17. Vinyl compounded with UV inhibitors and mold inhibitors. Cold Crack: minus 40 degrees F°.

Perimeter Pocket Weight: 1/4″ Hot Dipped Galvanized Grade 30 Proof Coil Chain. Material Diameter is 0.276″. Working Load Limits 1,300 lbs. Proof Load Test 2,600 lbs. Minimum Breaking Load 5,200 lbs. Inside Length 1.24″ Inside Width 0.38″ Weight Per Foot 0.63 lbs