Knotted Seine with #15 Twine

Optional Items:

Bag for Seine Net

This Knotted Nylon Seine is available in a variety of materials and size.

Please note that Stock Numbers KS8A-10, KS8-10, SK12-10 and KS13-10 are built from two pieces of netting and will have a horizontal seam.
Sponge type floats are placed every 30 in. to 35 in. (at nearest tie) and lead sinkers are placed every 9 in. to 16 in. (at nearest tie).

It's hung on a one-third basis and has single top and double bottom lines of 5/16 in. dia. braided polypropylene.

Braided construction resists kinking.

A double bottom line keeps the seine from rolling up.

For a net with custom options, please call. There is a $5.00 surcharge for nets under 25 feet. For nets under 10 feet the surcharge is $10.00.